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I look forward to sharing my thoughts and answering questions at The Orinda Association Candidate Forum on October 6. The forum will be moderated by the League of Women Voters.

My Approach to Issues

I will draw on my 40-year experience as an Orinda resident and my 30-year experience as an Orinda volunteer leader.  I will be fair, open minded, and eager to listen, and if elected, will serve with professionalism, collaboration, and compassion. I will work with our community and partner agencies to sustain and improve the quality of life for Orindans, prudently allocating the City’s financial resources. I look forward to building consensus and community involvement in Orinda. 


  • Complete the Downtown Plan keeping the feel of Orinda and enhancing services
  • Work closely with MOFD and continue to advance fire prevention efforts
  • Continue to maintain Orinda’s roads, rehabilitate the drains, and improve bike and pedestrian routes 
  • Sustain Orinda’s healthy fiscal management



Orinda is a family friendly place and, in order to retain that character, we need activities and services for everyone in the downtown. We need places that bring us together and allow us to connect with each other. We need to attract businesses that will bring people downtown.

Fire Safety

Wildfire prevention and disaster preparedness are vital efforts to continue in Orinda.  As part of the effort to mitigate wildfire, the City needs to continue to work closely with the Moraga-Orinda Fire District and encourage residents to undertake the important work of vegetation management and home hardening at their homes. Additionally, securing evacuation routes and clearing vegetation from these essential safety corridors is essential.

Public Works

Now that our roads seem to be in good pavement condition, I want to see us stay on top of maintaining them and continue to improve our public drains. I am interested in continually improving the safety of the bike and pedestrian routes to schools, BART and downtown.


We need to continue to build our partnership between the community and the schools. School age families move to Orinda for the suburban family-oriented community and the excellent public schools. The City of Orinda and the OUSD have a strong working relationship and I will continue to foster that partnership. Orinda’s schools are a foundation of Orinda and by increasing community support we can ensure their continued financial stability and educational excellence.

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