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Below is a partial list of the endorsements I have received from the Orinda Community.  Note: titles are for identification use only.

Elected Officials - Past and Present

I've known Janet for many years and confirm her to be a highly qualified candidate for the Orinda City Council. Her outstanding skills and passionate community volunteerism will be a great asset to the council and our community. Join me in voting for Janet Riley for the Orinda City Council this November.” Sue Severson, Former Mayor, City of Orinda, Citizen of the Year 2004 — Sue Severson
Former Mayor, City of Orinda, Citizen of the Year 2004
I'm thrilled that Janet Riley has stepped up to serve on our City Council. She has been an active community servant for as long as I've known her, and she is so perfect for the job! — Riki Sorenson
Former President, OUSD
Janet’s deep roots in Orinda and love of our community have been reflected in her decades of volunteer service to Orinda and its schools. Her extensive leadership experience, professional training and dedication to our community will make her an excellent City Council member. Amy Worth, City of Orinda Councilmember — Amy Worth
Orinda Councilmember, Former Mayor
Pam West
Former President, OUSD
Vanessa Crews
Former President, AUHSD
Darlene Gee
Orinda Councilmember
Steve Glazer
California State Senator
Joyce Hawkins
Former Mayor, City of Orinda
Cara Hoxie
OUSD Board member
Craig Jorgens
Director, MOFD
Nick Kosla
Orinda Councilmember
Linda Landau
Former President, OUSD
Pat Rudebusch
Former President, OUSD
Chris Severson
AUHSD President

I cannot speak highly enough about Janet Riley! She is an exceptionally talented, bright, hard working, common sense leader who has spent her adult life volunteering for Orinda in so many ways. I have worked for and with her on school boards and on many other service projects. She is a neighbor, mother to my kids' friends, was the Girl Scout leader for my daughter and has been a friend for more than 20 years. Janet is highly qualified to serve on the city council and Orinda will be well cared for under her tenure. We will be lucky to have her! — Sarah Albo
We are pleased to endorse Janet Riley for Orinda City Council. We will be fortunate to have a competent and caring person working for us on the City Council. Carole and Andy Amstutz — Andy and Carole Amstutz
I have the pleasure of knowing Janet all her life. Because of her remarkable qualities and proven dedication to our Orinda community, Janet would be an outstanding Orinda City Council member. — Nan Andrews
Janet will be great!! — Daphne & Dick Bertero
Committed to betterment, thorough with any job she takes on, multi-talented in all endeavors she pursues, focused on what needs to be accomplished and a true advocate for all people in our community which she so dearly loves. These are just a few characteristics that I would use to describe this amazing woman. I have known Janet for many years and everything she puts her mind to and takes a lead role in facilitating is executed with precision. She truly has the golden touch. Beyond organized, thoughtful, and driven. I endorse Janet Riley 100% for our next Orinda City Council. — Barbara Boster
Janet, thank you for running for Orinda City Council. The community is in need of new leadership and I know you will do a great job. John Cinderey — John Cinderey
I have known Janet Riley for over 10 years. She possesses integrity, intelligence and sound judgment. I highly endorse Janet for Orinda City Council. — Lisa Cortese
Janet Riley will bring her intelligence, hard work and compassion to the city council. — Louise Diracles
I completely and wholeheartedly endorse Janet Riley for Orinda City Council. I’ve had the honor and privilege to have worked with Janet on the OIS and Miramonte Parents' Club Boards and have seen firsthand that she is more than capable and has all of the qualifications necessary to serve in this role. I personally know Janet and can attest that she is an intelligent, fair minded collaborator who is willing to do the work necessary to make a better Orinda for all. — Kathe Friel
My wife Laurie and I have known and worked with Janet on numerous local projects in the past. Her professionalism, organizational skills and really good ideas are second to none. We fully support her run for Orinda City Council and hope you will do the same. — Brent Goetzl
I have known Janet and her family for 24 years. While our children were in school together, I had the opportunity to work directly with her when she lead many volunteer efforts. Janet is kind, well organized, thoughtful and generous. She will make an excellent city council member. I heartily endorse her. — Laurie Goetzl
Janet is the right person, at the right time, to serve on the Orinda City Council. With her background, education, judgment, insight and superior ability to get things done, no one can compare!  We wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy.
— John and Pamela Goode
Janet will be a valuable asset to our city. I have worked with her on projects and know her to be well organized, a thoughtful listener, and an inspirational leader. Janet motivates a team to establish high goals and achieve them. I will encourage my friends and neighbors to vote for Janet for Orinda City Council. — Margaret Govednik
I highly endorse Janet Riley for Orinda City council. Her long record of hard work as a volunteer in multiple different important arenas was publicly attested by her being honored in 2018 as Citizen of the year . I was especially impressed by her tireless efforts which help raise millions for our local schools as President of EFO .Her strong work ethic , professional skills combined with her experience as being both a student and a parent of students in the community and her kindness and altruistic spirit all make her an ideal person to serve on our city counsel. — Goldee Gross
Paula Reinman and I are happy and thrilled that Janet Riley has decided to serve the city of Orinda. We have known Janet and her family for over 20 years and know she would make a great city council member. She is both dedicated and trustworthy. Thanks, Sandy Gross and Paula Reinman — Sandy Gross
Janet Riley is one of the most competent people I know.  I have no doubt she would be a thoughtful, level-headed, positive member of the City Council. — Steve and Tish Harwood
Janet lives and breathes Orinda. As a long time resident she is keenly aware of what can be done to make a great town even better. She cares about Orinda and its citizens and you can’t fake that passion. She would be an exceptional city council member. — Wayne & Jenny Hill
My husband Jeff Holland and I whole heartedly support Janet Riley for Orinda City Council. Janet has dedicated years of service to Orinda and our children in so many ways. She is smart, honest, perceptive, and caring. Her energy, dedication, and grasp of issues will be a huge asset to our community. — Alison & Jeff Holland
We are delighted to endorse Janet who we have known for over 30 years, she will do Orinda proud! — Roy and DeeAnn Jacuzzi
Janet will be an excellent city council member. She is a great problem solver who will work tirelessly for the citizens of Orinda — Ernie and Phoebe Kahl
My wife and I know Janet for over 30 years. Janet is a caring and wonderful woman who clearly has the best interests of the community as her priority. We HIGHLY endorse Janet for the Orinda City Council!! — Daniel & Nancy Katz
I am pleased to recommend Janet Riley. She would be an asset to our community. — Diana Kennedy
Janet is intelligent, discerning, passionate and a proven leader. She successfully led OUSD Parents' Clubs, the Education Foundation of Orinda and the Orinda Garden Club. Janet is just what we need as a member of the Orinda City Council. — Joan Kiekhaefer
I have known Janet for almost 30 years. She is a dedicated volunteer, hard working and has a great head for details while never losing sight of the big picture. I heartily endorse Janet Riley for Orinda City Council. — Juanita Kizor
Orinda is fortunate to have Janet Riley, she makes our community a better place to be! — Katie Korotzer
Janet is a long time resident of Orinda who will bring her strong organizational skills and determination to the job. — Michelle & Jim Leetham
We've known Janet for decades and she is honest, hard-working, successful in life and a caring person. Most of all, her visions for the City of Orinda align with ours. Janet will make a great City Council representative. — Bill and Laurie Lowery
Janet Riley is the wise choice for the Orinda City Council. As someone who volunteered under Janet's supervision at both Sleepy Hollow Parents' Club and EFO (now ONE), I was always impressed with her ability to research issues and make quality decisions. She is someone who listens well to all sides and learns as much as she can in order to come up with a solution. Janet is a both a leader and a team player. She has been dedicated to volunteering for the good of the schools and city for many years. Janet Riley is an excellent choice to serve on the Orinda City Council and help care for and guide this wonderful city. Please join me in voting for her. Respectfully, April Matthews, Resident and Founding Partner Village Associates Real Estate — April Matthews
I would like to fully endorse Janet Riley as a member for Orinda's City Council. I have known her and her family my entire life. She is smart, genuine, hard working and has what it takes to make the right decisions for our entire Orinda Community. She has lived here for her entire life and understands what makes this community special. We need good schools, and strong security and fire protection along with an environment that will allow small business to survive and create jobs and tax dollars for our roads and schools. — Nancy McCaulou-Bernatz
An Orinda resident and volunteer for OEF and The President of Social Justice Team at Santa Maria Church along with a myriad of organizations to make the difference for Orinda’s quality of life as well as our future development I endorse Janet whole heartedly, She will be highly effective in the role of council member — Victoria Nakamura
Orinda Resident and business owner
I have known Janet for 20 years as an energetic, committed volunteer who has spent her time working for the community , endeavoring to be open minded to all and working for consensus and the common good. — Eartha Newsong
I've known Janet for over 25 years. She was formerly a business and tax attorney at my prior firm, Wendel Rosen, LLP. She is smart, committed and dedicated to the community. Janet will be an outstanding council member. — Christine Noma
I can’t think of anyone I’d rather see on City Council. Janet is one of the most committed, caring, and capable people I know! She is also brilliant, and has a great sense of humor. Vote for Janet!! — Mitch Reed
Janet is currently a community leader and the citizens of Orinda will benefit when when she is elected to the city council. — Allan & Barbara Resnick
I am so proud of Janet Riley for her continuous commitment to Orinda. We, as a community, are so fortunate to have Janet Riley as our representative. This is an important time for our community and our country. I trust Janet to make informed decisions to benefit all of us. Go Janet! — Nina & Bill Ricks
I wholeheartedly support Janet for Orinda City Council! — Dayna Sayres
Janet will do a great job for Orinda as City Councilwoman! -Mary Ellen and Charlie Schneider — Mary Ellen & Charlie Schneider
Janet will be the best choice for city council! Todd and I are voting YES for JANET! — Laurie & Todd Smith
The most critical aspect of Janet Riley's qualifications for City Council is her deep understanding of the town and environment in which Orinda exists. This has been achieved not only by her extensive volunteering in less formal roles such as EFO but more importantly, by her contact, "schmoozing," and considerable engagement with those of us living here for as long as she has (e.g., as a graduate of Miramonte). The best-elected representatives are those folks like Janet who understand the background, undercurrents, tonality, and yes, little "secrets" of a locale owing to their long-term "living and learning" experience in a place like our little burg. Only through such deep engagement can sound public policy be wrought. — Charles Sprague
Janet has amazing leadership skills. She just chaired a national event for the Garden Club of America. Her past experience as a lawyer will be beneficial to managing city affairs. She will be a valuable addition to the City Council. — Margene and Steve Stahle
I have worked on several volunteer projects with Janet and she is amazing. Organized, passionate, smart, and reasonable. I fully endorse Janet! — Sam Swan
Janet Riley's remarkable record as an Orinda volunteer is well known. A skilled collaborator and leader, her qualifications to serve on the Orinda City Council are well established. As in the past, the Council will face no lack of challenges over the next four years. Not the least of which will be the implementation of the City’s plan - two years in the making - to begin the renewal and revitalization of its downtown. Janet Riley's knowledge of the community and her demonstrated abilities will be invaluable to the Council as the City sets the path forward. — Tom Trowbridge
I have known Janet for many years since we grew up together. Janet has always been a natural leader and has excelled in everything she sets out to do. Orinda is very fortunate to have such an extremely capable, giving and concerned citizen in Janet! Barb Weikert — Barbara & Rob Weikert
I have been an Orinda resident since 1959 and have known Janet Riley both socially and professionally for over 40 years. She is an outstanding individual in every respect. Orinda would be very fortunate to have her on our City Council. — Aletha (“CeCe”) Werson
Janet Riley is a smart, clear thinking, well organized and focused individual who I have great confidence in to make the best decisions for Orinda. Her ability to work well with people makes her an ideal candidate for the city council. — Pat Winther
Over the past 15 years, I’ve come to know, observe and appreciate Janet’s skill set and level of commitment she brings to whatever she undertakes. The community Orinda would be extremely well served by her presence and involvement. She is smart, in tune with our community and a rock-solid candidate for the Orinda City Council. — Sue & Jim Woolwine
Janet Riley is a natural born leader. She is smart, clear thinking, hard-working, organized and never loses sight of the big picture. Janet will be a great asset to our community. Vote yes for Janet Riley! — Rhonda and Charles Zakskorn
Suanne Inman
Katie Rittman
Denise Siri
Kristine Anthony
Diane Arney
Jill and Mike Baker
Sandy Barnett
Beverly Baus
Barbara & Rick Bennett
Paul Boero
Dawn & John Briskey
Robert and Mary Bunzel
Monica & Dean Burnick
Bruce Burrows
Robert and Karen Burt
Scott & Sheila Butler
Sylvia Carter
Lynda Chan
Ann Cinderey
Dave & Dee Cobo
Kathie and Vince Dell'Aquila
Nancy Dickmeyer
Anna Duncan
Catherine Dunne
Heather & Kevin Dunne
Mercedes Eberle Pederson
Sheila Eversole
Hilary Fabian
Finola Fellner
Gina Field
Scott & Lisa Finch
Janet Formanek
Kellyn & Glen Gagon
Kaija & Gary Gibbs
Karen Gilbert
Marina Gracias
Shand and Bill Green
Mary Hake
Marlene Dollar Hallenberger
Pete & Helen Hasselman
Pamela Hemming
Chip & Carolyn Herman
Gail Hubbell
Lisa Jorgens
Man-Li Kelly
Maria & Fred Kintzer
Mike Kirby
Irene Lafayette
Chris Laszcz-Davis
Darla Lucas
Joan Lucas
Sue Lundstrom
Seth & Nancy Madnick
Bernard Martis
Mary and Mark Maxson
Dave McCormick
Jeanne McCormick
Ken and Karla McCormick
Sandra McGonigle
Betsy Michaelides
Carol & Ron Nenni
Joan O'Brien
Carolyn and Richard Palmer
Cynthia Pearson
Janet Pease
Walter Peyton
Marita Platon
John & Benita Quinn
Lorene Quist
Dena Raffel
Dede Ramsey
Maggie Reeves
Elizabeth Regan
Paula Reinman
Jim & Kay Riewerts
Ben Riley
Nita and Jim Roethe
Susie Romak
Steve Rosenzweig
Mary Rotticci
Jean & Larry Rowe
Laura Sawczuk
Nath & Bill Schmicker
Pam Severson
Ralph Severson
Judy Shallat
Ron Sharp
Maureen Sheehy
Cathleen & Erv Sodos
Clint Stefan
Lisa Stefan
Pamela Stefan
Deb Stephenson
Dave & Jean Sullivan
Betty Thompson
Linda Thompson
Robert & May Tong
Bev Webb
Sue Wecht
Pam and Joe Wiley
Bobbie and John Wilson
Tom Worth
Katherine and Wesley Yee
Danusia Zaroda
Mike Zischke & Nadin Sponamore

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